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    Google App Engine
This application was developed using the Google App Engine - Google's take on web hosting and web application framework. It's supposed to provide easy development (that's definitely true), and scalability (we'll see about that) at a very affordable price (free so far).
Everyone knows YouTube. This site uses videos from YouTube by invoking the YouTube Chromeless Player. This player can be controlled using JavaScript (or Flash code), and most importantly, you can always ask it what's the current play position.
Google App Engine uses Python as it's main development language. It's refreshing to see how easy it is to develop web application using Python and Django templates (which ships as a part of Google App Engine).
Nuvola is a beautiful icon set created by Icon King David Vignoni. All the icons in this site were taken from this icon set.
Eclipse is a wonderful IDE, and together with PyDev, it makes for a fine environment to develop Python code. I've been using Eclipse for quite a few years now, and while it has its quirks that you need to get used to, but once you're passed that, it's an amazing tool for building software.
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