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South Park Mac vs. PC
High Quality: See if you can spot the irony This is my own Parody of the Mac vs. PC commercials with South Park characters. Created for a project and for fun. Took around 1 day and this is my ...
Added: May 10, 2009
Views: 282
After Ever After - DISNEY Parody
GET THIS SONG ON ITUNES OR BANDCAMP OR AMAZON --------------------STALK ME-------------------- Facebook: Tumblr: Twitter: Instagram: LYRICS If you've ever wondered why Disney's tales all end in lies Here's what happened after all their ...
Added: March 13, 2013
Views: 263
Hitler Finds Out Sarah Palin Resigns
My 4th of July gift to America! The source vid is from 2004's Downfall, a German film. I dedicate this video to my friends posting "Dude City" over on myspace.
Added: Sept. 16, 2009
Views: 251
Larry Page's University of Michigan commencement address
Larry Page delivers the commencement address at the University of Michigan on May 2, 2009. Read the full transcript of the video here: Note: A previous version of this was missing some audio. Thanks for your patience while we ...
Added: May 5, 2009
Views: 243
Spore Creature Creator - Available Now
Create Your Own Creatures
Added: June 25, 2008
Views: 241
Wii Sports Resort PAL/EUR from USB Loader GX
Tutorial how to start your backup PAL Wii sports Resort GX USB Loader
Italian → English
Added: July 23, 2009
Views: 227
Added: Jan. 5, 2010
Views: 227
He's Not The Messiah
Life of Brian
Added: Jan. 27, 2009
Views: 224
The People Sang--A Brief History of the United States
A journey through US history, from the American Revolution to the Obama victory, set to a November 4, 2008 impromptu recording of the The People Sang, written and performed by John Caelan. The compilation was created by John, reflecting his ...
Added: June 8, 2009
Views: 212
Russian → English
Added: Jan. 27, 2012
Views: 210
Nikos Mavridis is an almost 3yrs old contestand on Greece U've got Talent. Young Nikos can recognize up to 130 international flags and he can not even read!
Greek → English
Added: April 29, 2009
Views: 206
EMM 09 : Protect Yourself with Internet Safety
How to make sure that you don't get taken advantage of online
Added: Oct. 14, 2008
Views: 205
ASEMUS General Conference, MuSEA
Interview of Karl Magnusson and Tan Ninh about MuSEA
Added: Jan. 11, 2009
Views: 201
Hitler Original Bunker Scene No Subtitles
Have you always wanted to make your own Hitler Downfall subtitle spoof? Now you can!! Download Media Converter for Firefox to download this video. Link: Then use Windows Movie Maker or Vegas to design your very own Hitler subtitle ...
Added: Sept. 13, 2009
Views: 200
Heads Up From The Start
This is a Message Not Just A Song! Pay Close Attention to the one that you are Around it's the Little things that you Watch Out for in the begining or It Could be Heads Up for You!
Added: Aug. 30, 2009
Views: 197
maschek - Barack Obama in Germany
Barack Obama tries to deliver a speech in german on a visit in germany but he relied on the wrong prompt. 29th of January, 2009
German → English
Added: June 20, 2010
Views: 193
TPIR Italy primetime
segment from the Gigi Sabani version
Italian → English
Added: Nov. 10, 2009
Views: 188
Hokkien Star War
The first Hokkien Starwars created by ahchan1104 - my yonger brother. Video Clip: Starwar DVD Soundtrack: recorded from a Singaporean radio broadcast.
Added: April 3, 2010
Views: 185
Hitler Original Bunker Scene No Subtitles
Have you always wanted to make your own Hitler Downfall subtitle spoof? Now you can!! Unfortunately, media converter is no longer compatible with the current version of Firefox. There are plenty of ways of ripping this video off youtube. You ...
Added: Feb. 3, 2010
Views: 171
Added: Feb. 7, 2010
Views: 161
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