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James Blunt - Same Mistake
Check out the video for James Blunt's 'Same Mistake', taken from the album 'All The Lost Souls'.
Added: June 25, 2008
Views: 1316
Dimitri en la disco - Dimitri Knows Everything
Visit Russian Blog (beautiful pictures, interesting stories, real Russia). Main Hero (Dimitri) The music sucks... Very bad music... I thought that it will be much better... and very bad music, just very bad music... I thought that? it will ...
Added: March 22, 2011
Views: 1261
Tangerine Dream - Tyger
Title track from the 1987 album Tyger. Although vocalisations and vocal sampling have been used on many TD tracks without detracting from the music, on the few occasions where they have added lyrics (ie turned tracks into songs) it has ...
Added: June 24, 2008
Views: 1169
The Green Enforcer, IBM E&E Second Prize Winner
One of the ten Second Prize Winners of IBM's 2008 Energy & Environment Video Contest. Submitted by Joseph Munns of Hursley, UK.
Added: Aug. 20, 2008
Views: 1100
Majte úžasný deň - EFT s Bradom Yatesom.flv
Zlepšite si život s EFT metódou. EFT využíva ťukanie na meridiánové dráhy, čím pomáha uvoľňovať bloky a programy, ktoré si v sebe nosíme. Skvelý Brad Yates Vám môže pomôcť vytvoriť si úžasný deň.
Added: May 2, 2011
Views: 855
Wii Sports Resort PAL/EUR from USB Loader GX
Tutorial how to start your backup PAL Wii sports Resort GX USB Loader
Italian → English
Added: July 23, 2009
Views: 706
Billionaire Homes
Where the billionaires eat and sleep.
Added: July 10, 2008
Views: 571
Things I never told you
This is a monologue from Isabel Coixet's "Things I never told you". I chose this part of the movie to include it on my videobook because I love it. With the help of Mauricio Cuffaro who provided the equipment and ...
English → English
Added: April 9, 2009
Views: 519
Michaël Borremans: A knife in the Eye
Free translation (labor of love)
Dutch → English
Added: July 4, 2011
Views: 507
Uti Vår Hage - Norsk Sluttstrøm
Sketsj fra Uti Vår Hage ep3 :) bård harald og atle må destruere all reststrøm som blir til overs i det norske strømnettet :D "130 Watt ned!" :D
Added: March 18, 2010
Views: 452
Added: Oct. 18, 2009
Views: 435
AMERICA HAS DONE THE WORLD PROUD!!! WE CELEBRATE OBAMA'S VICTORY AS THE PRESIDENT FOR HOPE, CHANGE AND PEACE IN AMERICA AND THE WORLD !!! Yes you can Vote for Change, Hope, Peace, and a better future! copyright: PictureParlour
Added: Nov. 11, 2008
Views: 420
Hitler Original Bunker Scene No Subtitles
Have you always wanted to make your own Hitler Downfall subtitle spoof? Now you can!! Unfortunately, media converter is no longer compatible with the current version of Firefox. There are plenty of ways of ripping this video off youtube. You ...
Added: Oct. 25, 2009
Views: 419
How to Set Up an Engineering Level
A brief "How To" video on setting up a level and rod. Created at and for Mohawk College in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada.
Added: June 1, 2010
Views: 403
New dizziness
Now the wonderful lyrics of New Dizziness available in english
English → English
Added: April 1, 2011
Views: 394
New York City vs. Ahmadinejad
Street Interviews in New York City the day when Ahmadinejad spoke to the United Nations ... UN united nations nyc Ahmadinejad iran israel
Added: Nov. 5, 2009
Views: 392
Mensaje navideño de Alberto Contador
Mensaje navideño de Alberto Contador
Added: Dec. 23, 2009
Views: 389
Quantizing drums at Studio One with AUDIO BEND
Basic video showing a little about audio QUANTIZATION in PreSonus Studio One. Making use of AUDIO BEND, was held quantization of a simple multitrack drums.
Portuguese → English
Added: Nov. 4, 2012
Views: 371
Jason Campbell Resigned
Hitler finds out Campbell is resigned for 2010
English → English
Added: Feb. 19, 2010
Views: 341
Subtitles in french and english will be added today! .......
Trehor Lama Tulku was born in 1963 in the Kham region of Eastern Tibet. At the age of 13 he was recognized as the reincarnation of Ven. Agyal Rinpoche. He completed his Buddhist studies and the traditional three year retreat ...
Added: June 19, 2010
Views: 326
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